Hoover L2310

I had never heard of this product until I saw it on sale for half-price at a major retail chain. I decided to buy it after doing some quick online searching for info. I have had it for less than a week but I am utterly giddy with the purchase. It only took about 10 minutes to install but I had to use my own screws as Hoover provides four screws and anchors for drywall. Mine is mounted on a stud that is in back of pegboard and I needed longer screws because of the way I mounted it. I would have preferred to have the vacuum mounted elsewhere but the 5 foot cord leaves few options.

Hoover L2310I then used the vacuum to clean the garage and two cars. My garage was dirty with small debris, leaves, dirt, cottonwood seeds, sand, some chipmunk droppings, and scattered other small items. The vacuum has several attachments and I employed about half of them to help with cleaning different parts of the garage. I did not have to move items since the vacuum provides enough suction and small attachments to get under shelving, workbenches and standing cabinets. Wow, this thing is great. I used it to remove spider webs from the ceiling and it was no problem with the long hose and long set of attachments. There is NO WAY I can do that with a typical garage vacuum. It took about an hour to get the garage cleaned and it looked great. I then quickly vacuumed two cars.

The product is really helpful and I know that my garage is going to remain clean going forward. It is so easy to attach the hose to the unit and vacuum up a mess. Suction is excellent and the noise produced by the machine is low. Attachments and the 30′ hose round out the great things about the machine. The hose and attachments are easily stored near the vacuum. I did not find an issue with dust being blown out the top of the machine. I assume one has to keep the filter clean to prevent this from happening. The one negative about the vacuum is the 5 foot power cord. Knowing what I do about the vacuum I would recommend that someone pay an electrician to put an outlet in the preferred spot if your current outlet is not suitable.

Hoover L2310 Accessories

Update: It has now been a month since I purchased this product and after a number of uses have the following additional comments. It continues to work great and is still worthy of 5-stars. Attaching and then detaching the hose and storing it after use takes about 90 seconds so that is no big deal. My garage is still clean. I have cleaned the filter once. Wow, it was dirty. You have to be careful in removing the filter or dust/dirt will spew everywhere. I would recommend taking the unit off the wall when removing the filter. The filter itself is pretty nifty and is easy to get out and put back in. The ease in cleaning the garage now just blows me away. This machine is nothing like a typical garage utility vac. It is well worth the money.

Technical Details

  • Rugged, high-capacity, bagless vacuum for workshop or garage
  • Heavy-duty, all-steel construction; lifetime self-cleaning filter means no bags or filters to replace
  • Powerful but quiet 10-amp motor
  • Includes 7 cleaning attachments: 2 extension wands, 2 crevice tools, 1 floor nozzle, 1 upholstery nozzle, and 1 dusting brush
  • 5-gallon tank and 30-foot hose; weighs 30 pounds; 3-year manufacturer warranty

Hoover L2310